Water for the Win

I think we all can agree that staying hydrated is extremely important for so many reasons.


The health benefits of water are unlimited.

Water is crucial for health in so many ways – it promotes a clear complexion, optimal digestion and metabolic function, among countless other benefits. But, let’s get real – while essential, water can feel boring, especially if you’re a recovering diet Snapple (or soda or any other beverage) addict.

The Health benefits of Water

How to make it more appealing? Whether that means carrying around one of those giant bottles with motivational reminders, or sprucing up your water with colorful fruits, veggies and herbs (my personal favorite), or just choosing a pretty bottle there are plenty of ways to take water from zero to hero!

Flavored Water

I have always enjoyed water, but I also enjoy a hint of flavor.

I like to chop some fruit, veggies and herbs, to add to my water. They enhance the health benefits of water. I place the fruit in jars, keep it in my fridge and fill right before drinking. This way they stay crisp. The best part is, I get to enjoy it as a snack once the water is done. It comes as a bonus and many fruits and veggies contain a nice amount of water too (hi cucumber and watermelon).

Some of my favorite combos are citrus with mint, think beyond the lemon – sliced clementine, grapefruit, lime and all variety of oranges work great, berries (my favorite to snack on when the water is done), cucumber makes me feel like I’m in a spa, pomegranate seeds add a pretty pop of color and flavor too. For serious water inspiration that makes me want to up my hydration game with exotic produce and gorgeous styling check out @rawcrush on Instagram.

Water Accessories

I use my favorite bamboo cutting board to chop fruit for the water (or just to snack on). I received it as a gift years ago and it became my go to board for fruits and herbs. They’re durable, knife friendly and can be personalized.

Drinking water is so much easier with an inspiring and pretty glass or bottle to drink it from! My favorite are ball jars because they come in convenient sizes, have lids for straws and they are very easy to use, clean and reuse. I love these reusable bamboo lids, but have to find a reusable bottle too, that doesn’t leak or spill and perfectly fits into my car cup holder. I adore these super cute jar mugs with a handle and old fashion designed straws, which work great for smoothies too. If you already have jars and just need the lids with straws, I recommend these.

Travelling with glass isn’t ideal, so I usually use this one for on the go. It is BPA free and with each purchase funds will be given to help access safe water to people in developing countries.

I also recently got this new water bottle from Larq that is self-cleaning!

For gifting friends who love the infused water but no time to make on their own, I use these disposable cups from Amazon.

What are your favorite ways to stay hydrated all the time?

For another way I love to stay hydrated, check out Green Juice or Smoothie.


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