Summer Beauty Refresh Products

Here’s what I’ve been using this summer and loving so much I ran out


Megababe Bust Dust

Summer beauty refresh products like this one really work!! A little spray in the bust area and no dreaded “sweavage”. A necessity for summertimes!

Elemis Hydrating Mist

It’s all about keeping hydrated - heat and sun can dry out your skin. This is very refreshing and light; a little mist goes a long way.

Tatcha the Dewy Cream

I have been using this since the winter. It has become an all-time favorite that I keep reordering.

I also love the mini size! Anything that comes in a travel size gets my vote and has been coming with me on weekends away this summer. It’s light and easy. I apply it nightly.

Bond Street High Line

I wore this fragrance for years and then needed a break. After a switch to Baccarat Rouge 540… which I loved but got to a point where everyone can smell me coming from miles away… I needed a change. I came back to this and it doesn’t ever disappoint. Fresh and clean. I still get stopped and asked about my scent.

Mineral Sunscreen from Tuchman Dermatology

This sunscreen is only available from the dermatologist office. Dr. Tuchman is my go-to Dermatologist, and if you saw her skin, you’d want whatever she recommends.

Zinc It Over

I discovered this a few summers ago and I have been using it ever since. When it comes to protecting your face there’s no such thing as too much sunscreen, a fresh beauty essence! This is a great one that goes over your makeup for extra coverage.

What are your favorite summer beauty products?


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