Holiday Gift Guide – Experience Edition

I love gifting experiences, especially since they also make for a great last minute, thoughtful gift.


Welcome to my ultimate gift guide - experience edition.

If you want to stand out from other gift givers, you can always choose an experience as a present, which will be lived and remembered for a long time to come.

Create Memories, Not Clutter

Surprise someone by gifting them entrance to a future event and helping them experience a show on Broadway, Concert, or at a Sport Event.

If you want to help them eliminate clutter literally, a few hours with a professional organizer is an amazing gift! Thank you for mentioning my name, Lisa!

Gift Guide - Turn Your Pictures Into Books

If you have thousands of pictures in “the cloud” and need help turning them into something you can enjoy (with more help than Shutterfly gives) a gift card to a personal service is amazing.
Memento Designs or Janice Dweck can give you some really great ideas!

Share your pictures and they will guide you through creating beautiful books.

A Gift Cert to Artkive to send off your kid’s memorabilia and have it returned as a beautiful coffee table book. You can both enjoy it!

Have a Beautiful Make up for the New Year's Eve

A Professional MUA tutorial is definitely an original gift idea. Help your bestie learn how to do her makeup as a pro and shine like a diamond!

Gift Guide - Travel as an Ultimate Experience

Plane Tickets (always fit) or a voucher to their preferred airline is the perfect surprise!

Online Shopping Adventure

A subscription to Return Queen is the optimal present for a friend who is always online shopping. Be aware that they hate returns – especially when labels aren’t included.

Spa Treatment and a Lunch

If you need more ideas, a gift card to a local foot spa or full spa is always welcome! Alternatively, you can choose a gift certificate to their favorite restaurant.

The Ultimate Thoughtful Gift

Charity Gifting is always a feel good gift for someone who doesn't have so many things. Make a donation in their honor towards a cause close to the recipient’s heart.

Here are a few of my favorites that make me smile that something good is being done instead of adding more “stuff”.



Friendship Circle

Chai Lifeline

Sharing Seats


Enjoy the Holiday Season and track my Gift Guide blogs online !


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