April Shower Chic

We all love April showers, you just need to be well prepared.


April showers bring May flowers, a lot of soaked outfits and ruined blowouts if you’re not prepared. After a long walk to an event in the rain, a friend asked how to look chic and stay dry when it rains?

Here are some of my April Shower Chic picks to keep you dry and looking good while dancing (or at least walking in the rain).

Hooded April hits

I never really understood raincoats without hoods? Trench coats are chic and make a big fashion statement, but many of them don’t actually keep you dry. I prefer a hooded raincoat in a fabric that will protect.

Here are some of my favorites raincoats with a hood:

All dressed up and need to stay dry
Here a few dressier options and longer lengths to keep dresses dry:

Rain accessories

A fun umbrella or hat is a great way to add a pop of color or pattern to April shower gray day.

Check out these favorites. Sometimes it can even help you see clearly like this colorful umbrella or a raincoat.

In case of emergency

Remember the times when the forecast doesn’t warrant a full raincoat but there’s a chance of showers? It's so convenient to keep a disposable plastic poncho and rain hat (otherwise known as the Bubby Bonnet).

We suggest tall rain boots to keep your feet dry and comfortable in the rain:

We suggest short boots to keep you fashionable and dry:

Comment below which is your favorite!

Happy Shopping!

Photo credits: Abbie Sophia


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