45 Things You Don’t Know About Me

In honor of my 45th birthday, here is a list of 45 things you may not know about me.


Certain Things You Never Knew About Me

1. I dislike all things bubbly with 2 exceptions - baths or friends

2. Hold the ice please, I like my water room temp

3. I’m a lefty but can only peel clementines (which I eat nightly) and use scissors with my right hand

4. Sometimes I mix up Jackson (my son) and Dunkin (my dog) names with each other

5. I waited in line for 2 hours when I was 9 months pregnant in 2001 to get into a sample sale to buy pink Gucci baby loafers. No regrets! Especially since they amortized over 2 daughters

6. I have awful karma with technology - I touch something electronic and it just doesn’t work. If you’ve ever been with me near any tech, you probably know that thing about me

7. I learned how to do a headstand at age 42

8. I’ve ski-ed once in my life and that was enough for me to decide I prefer the Apres Ski experience to actually going down the mountain

9. My refrigerator does not actually look like pictures on Instagram all the time!

10. I love to entertain but I prefer making it look pretty over actually cooking the food

11. I’d rather be cold than hot; I’ll take 20 degrees and snowing over 95 and humid any day

12. I hate admin – filling out paperwork stresses me out – I’ll do anything to avoid it

13. I love people but I also love alone time

14. I am a binge reader

15. I’m a sucker for bows and ruffles

16. I never got into reality TV – I am not equipped to discuss the latest episodes of Real Housewives or the Bachelor

17. In another life I might want to host a tv show…

18. I love how kids look in a school uniform (ok some of you might know that)

19. I still have mix tapes my friends made for me in the 90s but I sadly don’t have a tape recorder to play them on…

20. My first alcoholic drink was a Long Island Iced Tea…in a snapple bottle sipped on the Long Island Rail Road

21. The most valuable skill I ever learned in school was how to type

22. I looooove Karaoke - I sing in the car (try not to embarrass my kids in carpool but sometimes the music just hits and I have to… and the shower; shower singing seems to be a trait I have passed on)

23. I’m a member of Overthinkers Anonymous

24. I have severe wanderlust and a travel bucket list pages long (but also want to keep going back to the places I love)

25. I love talking to out-of-towners (out of NY metropolitan area)

26. Traffic gives me bad road rage

27. I’m usually the one in charge of ordering for the table at a restaurant

28. I have a mild addiction to belt bags (just ask The Hangout)

29. I know how to do calligraphy, I used to have a collection of fancy pens and all

30. I survived one pregnancy on Sino steak sandwiches, Coke and super pretzels alone…she was my easiest baby

31. The first concert I went to was U2

32. I am fluent in Pig Latin

33. I am obsessed with photos

34. I think Family Feud is one of the funniest shows ever

35. As soon as one vacation is over, I start planning the next

36. I regret the things I didn’t purchase…I take pics and try to track them down

37. I’m a Capricorn

38. I’ve had one miscarriage

39. I organize my bookshelf by color

40. I have signed up for multiple online courses…but struggle to complete them. I learn best from a live, in person teacher standing in front of me.

41. Teaching my kids how to drive has been the scariest part of parenting to date

42. I’m a master procrastinator

43. My spirit of choice is Tequila. I learned the hard way that vodka is not my friend

44. I am still figuring out what I want to be when I grow up

45. My kids never slept in my bed but my dog does

One more thing (you don't know about me) - for good luck

I love the Instagram community and grateful for all my new friends I’ve made through LisOnLife



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