44 Things You May Not Know About Me

In honor of my 44th birthday and the launch of this project, here are 44 things about me…


1. I lived in London for 4 years and gave birth to my oldest daughter there

2. The beach is my happy place…sand and sun are my essential vitamins

3. I so badly want to become a morning person, but the struggle is real when the alarm goes off before 7

4. I love to organize...for other people ONLY...for myself it’s so hard. A day with an organizer is my therapy

5. I owe some of my most special adult friendships to my children...I am a believer in apples don’t fall far from trees and am so grateful to them for finding themselves (and me) amazing friends

6. I sometimes go to sleep without washing my makeup off (GASP); will leave strip lashes on if I’ve had my makeup done until they fall off

7. I feel the most like myself in long dresses

8. I swore I would never have a dog...but I caved #dunkin

9. My friends call me 1800-ASK-LISA

10. I believe (much to my husband’s chagrin...) if you buy it, the occasion will come...I always buy it and it usually does come…

11. I am usually running late...Lisa time is not always real time but I am working on that...

12. I love coats and all winter accessories especially furry ones

13. If I love something or someone, I will shout it from the rooftops...or as you'll quickly see, from this blog

14. I worked at the Gap when I was in high school ... my shirt folding game is strong

15. Flowers make me smile

16. My beauty vice is a spray tan

17. Flat shoes are more uncomfortable for me than heels

18. I love cooked tomatoes but not raw

19. I was a White House intern during the Clinton administration (one year post Monica, pre scandal news breaking...)

20. I didn’t like peanut butter until I was 35 and a trainer suggested I try it as a snack source (he created a monster)

21. I met my husband in sleepaway camp; I was 16

22. I never forget the way someone makes me feel...for better or worse

23. I am not a numbers person, except for sale math...I’m a whiz at discount percentages

24. I taught myself to bake sourdough during quarantine...along with the rest of the world

25. I used to run a lighting business…yes, I actually outfitted many dining rooms with sconces and chandeliers

26. I love discount shopping!!! It's totally the thrill of the search

27. Favorite celebrity look-a-like compliment is Scarlett Johansson #humblebrag

28. I tried Botox once but didn’t like how it felt or how I looked, so for now I’m attempting ageing gracefully and testing every cult cream and non-invasive treatment (hello micro needling and hydro facial)

29. My dog gets weekly blowouts (more than me)...and he looks fabulous!

30. Eye make-up remover of choice is coconut oil...if you haven’t tried it, you must!!

31. I drink Rosé wine year round

32. I broke my right foot twice

33. I got my first facial at age 40

34. I’m an admitted chocoholic...an inherited trait from my dad (I once ate 22 chocolates in one sitting)

35. I begged my parents to name my younger brother Yoyebe because I loved yoyos…lucky for him they didn’t listen #Josh

36. I did not own any high-end designer piece of clothing, accessory, or shoes until I was 25

37. I loved the feeling of being pregnant

38. I spent one winter vacation during college selling knives door to door (thank you Cutco)

39. I love gifting...it might be my favorite sport...another popular name I go by is Auntie Claus

40. I am gluten free...except in Italy

41. I am severely cheese averse and have been peeling cheese off pizza since I was three years old

42. My favorite condiment is tahini...I would drink it if I could

43. My kids say I’m a really good sharer

44. I love al fresco dining

And one for good luck...I’m currently enrolled in a nutrition and wellness education program.

And bonus, just because I’m extra...I’m a great bowler...

Shoutout to one of my favorite bloggers @fortunedushey for the great idea she shared from US magazine to make this list! Read about me!


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