Dunkin The Goldendoodle

Hi, I am Dunkin, Lisa’s Goldendoodle!


If you know or follow Lisa or Lis-on-Life, you’ve probably seen a lot of me or at least a daily dose.

I am the puppy she didn’t want but fell in love with anyway. I am medium in size, (my fur makes me look bigger than I am) and I come from Moss Greek Goldendoodles, in Tampa, FL.

I live with my family in New Jersey and think I’m the luckiest dog. I have my very own couch / bed that Lisa picked out to coordinate with the home decor (although I am more than happy to sleep on anybody’s floor). I look forward to my subscription to barkbox a monthly box of goodies that arrives full of the latest toys, accessories and of course treats for the current season/holiday. To keep up with my New Year's resolutions I am using my Barkbell when I keep Lisa company in the gym. There’s always a towel by the door, waiting for someone to wipe my paws after a walk.

I get weekly blowouts @thepoochparlor and just like my mom, I’m always happy to share my resources. My owners love me so much, they just keep surprising me! My favorite food is cholent, but I could eat everything all the time, if they’d let me. I don’t know if every Goldendoodle is so lucky, but I have a nice life.

This spring I will start training to become a therapy dog so I can share my love and fluffiness and bring smiles to people’s faces. I can’t wait. I love sharing love, it’s just who I am.

It’s a ruff life…

Stay tuned for lots more tips and tricks on how to make the dog life even more fun! Also, I love to travel.


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