Sangria Season

Smooth and refreshing…Sangria is one of my favorite summer drinks right up there with Frose. The best part is definitely the wine-soaked fruit at the end, but we need to build the drink first.


I had the most delicious Sangria at the Borgo Egnazia hotel a few summers ago in Puglia, Italy and wanted to try to recreate it at home…Let the Sangria Season begin!

Many Sangria recipes call for sugar or sweetened liqueur and juices; I wanted to lighten it up.

Frozen fruit works great - it's a little sweeter (than fresh) and concentrated so it's ready to drink right away. Many people associate Sangria with red wine, but in the summer, I prefer Sangria recipe with a White or a Rose.

Tip #1: Only use a wine you’d drink on its own

Kosher Wine has a great selection.

Sauvignon Blanc or a Pinot Grigio work well, but go with what you like best. Moscato can make a sweeter Sangria. Rose Chateu Roubine is one of my favorites. The new festa d’estate collection would also work well during Sangria Season.

Tip #2: Ready to serve

Keep a ladle or a large serving spoon handy to fill the wine glasses with fruit before pouring the liquid.

Tip #3: Keep it cool without watering down

Use fresh squeezed fruit juice cubes or ice cubes filled with fresh fruit.

Bonus Idea:

A great hostess gift for a BBQ would be these pitchers marked Kids & Adults from Nametag Gifts. Fill the “Adults” with Sangria and fill the kids with fruit enhanced water and you have a great gift that they will enjoy entertaining during Sangria Season and all summer long.

Sangria Recipe

  • 1 Bottle preferred wine
  • 1 Bottle flavored seltzer - LaCroix and Polar makes a few fruits flavored seltzers that work well
  • 2 C frozen fruit (I like to use a mix of berries & peaches, but mango and pineapple also work well)
  • Juice from one orange (fresh squeezed)
  • *Can add a few drops of stevia, Tsp. of honey or agave to taste; I find it sweet enough without, but taste and add accordingly

Enjoy the Sangria Season!

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