Passover Friendly Products You Can Actually Use Year Round

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Passover Friendly Products that You Actually Would Use All Year

A wise friend once said (as we tried to maneuver our wagons down the packed Passover product aisle) in the supermarket “if you wouldn’t use it during the year, don’t buy it for Passover! “I have yet to find a noodle or cereal that doesn’t end up in the garbage… but here are a few favorite Passover friendly products I use year round:

Rorie’s Full n Free Grain Free Flour Blend
This mix yields delicious pancakes, rolls and works one-on-one in substituting flour for other recipes. It also happens to have more protein and fiber. I took a cookie bar recipe and subbed this flour.

Dare To Be Different Cauliflower Crusts & CRISPS
I enjoy these year round, both the crusts and the crisps. They are a perfect base for Pizza, Avocado Toast, Taco Shell, Pita Chips and more. You can order online directly or they can be found in many kosher supermarkets or health food stores.

Essentially Nourishing Desserts
These are grain free and delicious. I originally tried them for Pesach and kept buying year round. I stopped only because it became hard to pass my freezer without eating one. They are available on Kosher Valet. These make a perfect homemade (without the mess) healthier dessert.

ZenBasil Seeds
Tiny little seeds that pack a huge nutritional punch. They are great in yogurt parfaits, zen basil pudding, (take any chia pudding recipe and sub these) smoothies, (if you have a Passover blender) can be added to your breads, and also be sprinkled on salads. It is like Chia but even more nutrient dense. They can be purchased straight from Amazon or they can be bought on the website. Use discount Zen10 for 10% off.

This Passover friendly Granola edition is only available now and is slightly different than the oat based, BUT I actually like it the most. That said, scoop it up while you can. Rumor has it you can still find it at Julios in Teaneck and The Cheese Store in Cedarhurst.

Happy Passover Cooking!

Have you read a Tale of Two Passovers? What Passover friendly products are your favorite?
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