HealthIER Chocolate Chip Cookies

Sometimes I create, but more often I curate. My kids and I have tried a few dozen "healthier" recipes for chocolate chip cookies over the past few months and everyone’s absolute favorite is this one.


I hope you love these healthier chocolate chip cookies as much as we do. This delicious cookie is a great dessert and also makes for a filling snack. Lower in sugar, and more nutrient dense than a traditional cookie, it’s a cookie you can feel good about eating or sharing with someone you love. Dozens of these were baking in my oven weekly last spring and summer, and they became a go-to for any guests that stopped by or deliveries to friends. These cookies were a big hit this season and continue to make an appearance in my oven on a regular basis. There is not a kid (or kid at heart) who has tasted and did not love. The best part is, they, or their kids, can make a batch easily themselves.

I love discovering new sources for recipes and cooking inspiration. I am so grateful to Think Outside The Plate for letting me share this Healthier Chocolate Chip Cookies recipe with you.

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Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe



Line a baking tray with parchment paper (for example If You Care Parchment Paper). In a large bowl combine the wet ingredients and add the flaxseed meal. Combine dry ingredients and mix together until dense. Add chips last. Using gloves or a scooper, form small ball shapes (tip: I like to spray the scooper with a little oil so the batter glides off easily).

Bake at 350 °F for 10-15 minutes while continuously watching over them (I recommend leaving the chocolate chip cookies approximately 11-12 minutes for chewy centers; 15 yields a crispier cookie, 10 a doughy one).

For more inspiring and healthy dessert recipes check out Think Outside The Plate!

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