Eat the Rainbow: Salad Style

Rainbow salad is on the menu often, delivering its vibrant colors to my table.


It’s a great way to brighten up these gloomy winter days. I’ve always been passionate about food, especially fascinated with how it relates to health and wellness. I enjoy reading books and blogs but very often am faced with conflicting advice and information overload. So, I recently decided to enrol in an official online course, Nutritious Life Official, where I am getting an education in nutrition from respected health and wellness experts. I’m enjoying learning for the sake of learning and my own knowledge. One of the first sessions was about Empowered eating – fueling your body with nutrient rich foods.

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Too often we get caught up in the CAN’Ts or NOTs. Empowered eating focuses on getting as many nutrient dense foods, vibrant colors and varieties onto the plate. When you eat well, you feel well. Also, creating an aesthetically pleasing plate or bowl makes it taste even better.And as you know, I love a pretty meal.

This salad took just a few minutes to prepare. I used every veggie in my fridge, raw & cooked, arranged in a colored order and dressed with my favorite tahini @thetahinigoddess and lemon juice.

Rainbow Salad Tips

Rainbow salad is very easy to make and it takes just five minutes to prepare. Use your imagination and whatever veggies you have from your fridge and simply arrange them by color and order that looks good. Separately, prepare this lemon and tahini dressing @thetahinigoddess and drizzle over salad. I like to take a few Tbsp. of tahini and squeeze the juice of one lemon. If I want a sweeter dressing, I add a drop of honey or maple syrup. For savory, I chop up some herbs or just add some extra salt and pepper to taste.

The most important thing to remember for prepping a rainbow (or any) salad: always use a big salad bowl, bigger than you think you need, to avoid mess and overflowing when mixing the rainbow into a melting pot.

My favorites include this porcelain one and this simple one, made of Ashwood.

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Create an edible work of art with a wide range of vibrant colors and be sure to let me know how your Rainbow Salad turned out!

If you are looking for another healthy recipe which plates beautifully, you will love the Veggie Board in the House.


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