Lis on Life


Hi, I am Lisa!

I started my blog Lis-on-Life so I can help make your life easier, more efficient, and hopefully more beautiful. Research is my passion, I love to collect information and contacts, I love to discover new things and, even more than that, I love to share.

I have always derived pleasure from a colorful plate of food, been drawn to gorgeously arranged flowers, and enjoyed the exhilarating thrill of a hike. You’ll either find me in a dress or athleisure, heels or sneakers…no in between!

About me

I was born and raised in Long Island, New York. I lived in Philadelphia, Manhattan, and London, before settling in New Jersey 17 years ago. Now, I live in Englewood, New Jersey with my husband, three kids, and our dog Dunkin (a dog I never wanted, but fell in love with). Part of my blog Lis on Life will be sharing my family adventure with you.

My interests have always pulled me in many different directions. After graduating from University of Pennsylvania with a degree in communications, I started my career in public relations. After a stint at a large PR firm and then as an in-house PR director for an internet company during the boom that unfortunately went bust (it was clearly before its time), I started a baby products consulting business. I was helping parents-to-be outfit their nursery and lives for their new arrival. With my young toddler in tow and the perfect model, I fell into a new gig of representing kids fashion accessories. I then moved from baby and kids fashion into the world of home fashion, creating my own residential lighting consulting business.

All the while, I dabbled in flower arranging and challah baking, embarked on a real estate license, offered myself as a professional volunteer, completed a photography course, and am currently enrolled in a nutrition and wellness education program. I guess you can say I am a jack of all trades and yet I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up. Until now. My blog Lis-on-Life will cover all of these experiences.

Why Lis-on-Life?

I am here to inspire you and share ideas to bring ease and efficiency into your life, always with an eye towards the aesthetic. I’ve been called a walking rolodex. My blog Lis-on-Life will be the new 1800-ASK-LISA, just as my friends refer to me. I like to try things out and if I find them useful, effective, or just plain great, I want to shout it from the rooftops. I love to create, and sometimes I curate or outsource what I can’t do on my own. But more often than not, I curate or outsource to create.

If any of my experiences, recommendations, and resources can help enhance your life in any way, then I have succeeded in my goals. I want to share and connect, and I am creating a platform here to do just that. I am your new lease on life… or Lis-on-Life.